Sunday, December 11, 2016

Like a Tulip Resting

Like a Resting Tulip

Under the wintered grass of the finest, fallen snow;
Like a resting tulip, tulip resting I'm buried way below;

Sleeping bulbs are held like seemingly dormant, human souls;
Dissent is silent under the inches I know;
Just say I'm taking, taking a natural pause to again regrow.

Connie Nelson Ahlberg
All Rights Reserved.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Dream that Came True: Loving and Laughing Now

Last week offered what became a joyous, eternally sweet afternoon. It came about because I found the Swedish newspaper article I was looking for.

In fits and starts since I humbly began, I resumed my effort to make my parents' trip to
Norrköping, Sweden come alive thirty-six years after it took flight.
The actual publication is the Norrköping Times dated September 12, 1980. The long article is about my parents trip to Norrköping, Sweden to research my father's paternal Swedish roots.

On that same trip to the continent, my mother and father visited Kongsberg, Norway, as well. My mother stood on the hill where her mother's family had lived with but a dirt floor under their feet.

Because translating has been so arduous for someone who doesn't speak Swedish, I have only a page or two completed and certainly not honed to perfection.

Yet the sweetest part of this endeavor is that I am a privileged daughter: my father is still living and loving at close to 102 years of age.

I called my dad and read a paragraph from the newspaper I'd just translated. It was in a rough form. At first he wasn't sure what word he was hearing which was "Swedish."  I had to explain several times what I was reading and that he was quoted in the article.

The words I read were:

“Finally I found the house my grandfather lived in before he emigrated to America,” said Swedish-American Willard Nelson. “Thanks to the Norrköping Times, on Wednesday I heard Lars Gunnar Jonsson himself, tell the newspaper that the house has been in his possession. They use it for summertime fun.”

Willard was delighted!

 "You deserve a pat on the shoulder and another on the top of your head."

We both laughed with glee--love flowing up the road as I often tell him.

We have a birthday to celebrate on November 11, his lucky number. And I'm his lucky daughter born on the 13th of April--cherishing the loving and laughter now.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sisters are Like a Summer's Day

Canova: The Three Graces
Photographer, Mik Thorpe 1999

Sisters are like a summer's day
you wouldn't dream of changing;
then suddenly, thunderstorms at 3:00
leaving twigs and branches strewn about,
but flowers exquisitely fresher, taller,
more vibrant because of the rain; then
the perfection of late afternoon and twilight when
the sun sinks low and gold and mauve change the 
sky again so that you could cry over such a 
wondrous, changing, beautiful day which leaves
you aching for another day just like it.

Connie Nelson Ahlberg - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, May 5, 2016

It All Started with a Ball of Yarn

"I've never met an alien, but I have met an extraterrestrial." Dan Burisch, microbiologist

It all started innocently enough, listening to a speaker (I knew not who) answer questions I've long wanted to know. I asked Google, a bit like asking God--what is the truth about Roswell, New Mexico? 

Up popped some images. There stood a stately gentlemen saying he grew up in the area and decided to ask the Roswell community what happened.

This is where my ball of yarn bounced off my lap. 

I learned the man speaking without superlatives, was Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, former Apollo 14 astronaut who journeyed to the moon in 1971. I began to read about a man who possessed both integrity and brilliance. Mitchell writes of experiencing what the Hindu's call samadhi, the mystical awareness that everything is one, as his space craft returned to earth from all it's splendor in space.  

He came home changed and spent the rest of his life studying consciousness, founding the Institute of Noetic Sciences. 

I read about this man, ordered three books, and was a bit saddened that I had missed his life! He died three weeks before I heard his voice. Yet I felt honored and thrilled to learn about his incredible intellect and his achievements. 

With plain speaking, Edgar Mitchell told of listening to the towns-people describe small coffins delivered to the crash site at Roswell. The early headlines of a flying saucer having crash landed near the White Sands Missile testing grounds--was quickly changed. The story became a weather balloon, not a flying saucer, had landed. I never quite believed it.

In reality several extraterrestrials had died, but one lived. And Everyone was sworn to secrecy. 

What a long time to smother the truth--was my first reaction. If we round the number off--it's been approximately 70 years of being in the dark. We can say secrecy, to some extent, has been maintained. 

Over the years many have sought to learn the truth, thankfully learning from whistleblowers and their own research. 

I've read, searched, and followed the threads. They led me to what transpired at the close of WWII with both our government & the Russians wishing to covet the technology the Germans secretly had of black, saucer-shaped aircraft, (and more) along with the minds that created this technology. Operation Paperclip was launched--the project to attract the best minds for the United States. The names included Wernher von Braun, Ludwig Roth, and Arthur Rudolph. (On Wikipedia, you can have the faces below magnified and identified.)

Operation Paperclip - 104 German Rocket Scientists - 1946

There were times, I became overwhelmed and shut down completely. I"ve remained seeped in narrations: the stunning reveals of whistleblowers. They are blowing whistles for a reason, even when their life and family are threatened.

A lot can happen when you stumble following a ball of yard around. 

 At this writing, with all the stunning images and words from the whistleblowers, I've had great concerns. This area of total secrecy can use it's people, putting many in an ethical box of non-disclosure and fear. 

So many have given decades to this closed system. Bob Lazar, space scientist felt he lived in two centuries: the 19th and 20th. Finally despite threats, he left. Frequently you are punished by having all your career data wiped off the planet. Lazar panicked as he worried even is birth certificate had been deleted. His truth was undermined by his entire educational and scientific employment record destroyed. (Even now on wikipedia, one can see how is scientific background was destroyed. It is chilling. I seriously doubt darker charges against him. He spoke, he left--no mercy for you.)

Others have lost their retirement of 30 + years and pension, forced to live in poverty,

I've spent first weeks, then months reading on what has felt like true paths, occasional detours, and dead ends. But the truth rings true. Researchers are seeking and have sought to verify as much as they can. Most whistleblowers are true heroes. 

I am fearful of what our "shadow government" has become. If we don't have allegiance to the people, or to simply the truth, are we a democracy at all? I've listened to a former CIA member close to death. I learned Area 51 and 51s4--were off-limits, housing spaceships of aliens having come to earth. Repeatedly I read President Eisenhower met with aliens in California (on the pretext of a having a dental appointment to fix a tooth) asking groups of aliens for their technology. 

Scientists, military personale, & business people were part of the group who met with the extraterrestials. (There is a documentation of that meeting and reaction one attendee felt.) The initial contact with extraterrestrials was made through mental telepathy. 

It's fascinating to hear that some extraterrestrials refused to agree to the demands, telling the group we lacked the ability to handle more sophisticated technology because we were not devoted to peace--but to war. 

The Nordics, it's said, refused to comply with our demands. But those that agreed--wanted something in return. The extraterrestrials called Grays wanted to study our bodies and abduct just a limited number of us. So the agreement was made--according to online sources, and we got help with the technology we asked for. 

But it's said the Grays were dishonest and huge numbers were abducted. I imagine, this is one of the truths they don't want revealed. Two sources have said the technology is fifty years ahead of where "the general public," thinks it is. 

The consequences to whistleblowers speaking out are threats, intimidation and death. It is frightening to contemplate--in this darkness, just WHO is accountable? Where are the moral leaders? Where are the women? It's been said we're as sick as we are secret.

There is a secret group (of essentially white males) from the military, scientific & industrial communities making far-reaching decisions for us and the world. 

The late Ron Gardner told two men connected to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) amazing stories about extra-terrestrial Biological entities EBEs.

Gardner was asked about one warmongering, former office holder, and he shook his head.

"Not nice," he said and told about this individual walking away from Area 51-s4 with a patch of skin from one of the EBE who was more a space-time traveler: 15 light-years ahead of us. A being from earth--us! His name was J-Rod (who crashed with several other beings in 1953), and was held captive for over 50 years. He came for help with his genome as he had a disease known as neuropathy that is troubling his community. 

Those who tended to him called him names--totally lacking the awareness that the enlightened being was quantum leaps ahead of where we are on earth. 

It's told peace-minded extraterrestials have disarmed multiple missile tests around the world--in an attempt to keep us from blowing the planet and each other apart. 

Yet we still want to make sure we can obliterate enemy extraterrestrials should they threaten us. It's pretty disgraceful that evolved, benign extraterrestrial beings off our planet are wiser than the war-dedicated leaders hidden in the dark. (Take another look at 9/11--perhaps start with Building 7.)

*Ron Gardner, who has now passed away, said the future can be seen with some of this technology which I have also read. He said Hitler worked with extraterrestials and got his idea of an Aryan nation from them as well as technology. This fits. (You'll be amazed to see the black flying the Germans had developed.)

If we want to avoid catastrophe, said Gardner, who practiced Transcendental Meditation TM, we need to be more spiritual, focused on helping each other, vs the principles of war and destruction. 

Exposure with the truth, Gardner said, can take us away from leaning toward World War III to a distinctly different world view. "Extraterrestrials are not happy with us."

Per Ron Gardner--our agreements with extraterrestrials demand that the truth is shared with the public. Gardner felt John Podesta, campaign chair for the Hillary Clinton campaign, is pushing for it to happen. 

"The military-industrial complex is in control big time." Ron Gardner  
"We can have all the water we want, all the electricity we want, but the cabal is in control." 

The Citizens Series on Disclosure was produced by Ron Gardner. 

I pray more expansively now. I ask the Communion of Saints to help us and good extraterrestrials to intervene to the extent they can. I'm also turning activist. 

We have to end the darkness. People--YOU--are infinitely more loving and wondrous that the malevolent greed and control-minded group/s bent on war and our destruction.  

Ron Gardner had hope.

Thbeautiful yarn? The Beautiful yarn is all of us. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

An Iowa Caucus Story

By Citizen - Wikipedia 2008

This is a true story of the Iowa caucus in the gymnasium we all saw on election night.

Mary, not her true name, had various duties assigned to her in support of Hillary Clinton's campaign. 

She was asked to bring sandwiches and water for 250 people. 

Prior to caucus night, Mary called the principal and asked to reserve a particular corner in the gym. She was given the instructions that all would have to wait until the basketball game was finished before gathering on the floor.

The Sanders caucus members ignored that guideline and gathered on the floor before the game was over. Mary went up to them and told them she had reserved the corner they were occupying.

"Do you really care," was the response?  Mary refused to defer and insisted she did indeed care. She prevailed. 

She had a tussel with yet another Sanders volunteer who said: "I'm going to steal one of these bottles of water."

"No, you're not," said Mary. "That's my water: I paid for it and you can't have it."

A high school math teacher was asked to be in charge of the numbers. The Bernie people were throwing their names into a hat. But they had 73 more votes in the hat than the number who had signed the register. The teacher got them to recount and take off the 73 people who weren't there.

Hillary won at Mary's caucus.

Granted it's a microcosm of the Iowa caucus, but I know it's a true one.

An Update:

According to Mary, Ed (the math teacher) attended a democratic caucus meeting to discuss improvements. The man in charge of their caucus said he had heard from a Bernie supporter that Bernie people were definitely stuffing the ballot box.

Mary was glad they got a recount but she wondered about the other caucus groups. 

She indicated many attendees, often times were young men who had never caucused before. Some became overly aggressive. 

There was a problem knowing the sheer number who would show up.  Generally the numbers fall way below the 900 she said came to some precincts. 

Let's support our candidates and VOTE! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Thoughts on Fifty-Seven Women

Some thoughts have been nagging me: Thoughts on the 57 women who have come forth about improprieties at the hands of comedian Bill Cosby.

I wish to borrow from the wisdom of Psychologist, Social Activist & Author of the healing 16 Steps for Empowerment, Women Sex and Addiction, Many Roads, One Journey, and If the Buddha Got Stuck, Charlotte Kasl, PhD. Her work is pivotal in the world of addiction. Without it, we miss the essential background for these times and decades past.

When we began hearing one by one from women who were standing for their truth regarding incidences of impropriety, groping, drugging, sexual assault and rape, against Bill Cosby--I often heard a certain refrain.

The refrain frequently was--: Why didn't she come forth sooner?

Here is the backdrop. Let's say you were violated by a socially establish, prominent figure on the world scene. Let's also add the person was male.

Here is the harsh truth for many of the women who have reported being violated by Bill Cosby.

Following (the alleged event) you are aware, as you put your reality together, that things are not as they should be. You lost consciousness. Your clothing is apart from your body, (apart also the dreams you held in your heart).

As spokeswomen have said: what do you want? You are horrified as you put the inconceivable together. You want OUT of there. You want to leave. And you are afraid to speak for you feel responsible for what has just happened to you. You feel immense shame. You may say--nothing.

In the Sixteen Steps for Discovery & Recovery which Kasl put together, her fourth step is:

     "We examine our beliefs, addictions and dependent behavior in the context of living in a         hierarchical, patriarchal culture."

EVERY entity, every institution, you need to seek is male dominated from police to healthcare.

I have heard many a glib or dismissal tone about the women who did not report the sexual assault.

Obviously, the women doubted they would be believed. 

Even now, we know there was a backlog of over 400,000 untested rape kits nationwide. While the number has been reduced, there still are untested rape kits sitting on shelves. Some of these go back 20+ years. This is today. This is a women's reality. 

Sexual assault is on the rise. To me it is essential to stand with these women, who overall have had 
nothing to gain by speaking out. The statute of limitations had run out for nearly all of the assaults. 

The Huffington Post has written that Cosby had a segment on a record called "Spanish Fly" from "It's True, It's True." Here he talks of putting drugs into women's drinks. It is beyond chilling to read. 

Cosby himself must have felt impenetrable, as he appeared on Larry King and happily chatted about
drugs added to drinks: as in the "Spanish Fly." In the mood of the words on his recording: Cosby's narration is full of joy, giddy even. It's like he had a powerful secret.

That is how safe Cosby felt. This is how unsafe the women who have come forward were.