Friday, April 11, 2014

A Walk as Wood

I started as a piece of rounded firewood
Resting before surrender to my master's axe;
He said: You'll always remain You, ever intact,
As I swing my deliverist arm 'n axe;

So I gave myself up for a bigger cause:
Warming my master's house as firewood;
Yet I found in sacrifice
Torn from wholeness, splintered twice;

If I had the chance to avoid the axe,
I'd say leave the bark, my grains, my heart
From axe as divining rod;
Let me lie untethered whole on my master's
Woodpile staring up just so;

I found I wish to see the sky unbound,
Than being taken and broken up
Even to serve my master's cup;
As you go forward you don't know

What it will like to learn and grow;
How to be still the authentic tree;
And keep the rain, sun, & budding leaves,
And the Forest floor just beyond
The cathedral's door;

Sacrifice is very grand,
Unless you'd rather breathe & stand
The way, the way you always were:
Simple bark and holy grain,
Rings from years
And forest's rains.

By Connie Nelson Ahlberg
All Rights Reserved
April 11, 2014

Honoring Spring
Honoring Renewal