Saturday, March 16, 2013

Since the World Needs Blessing

 Saint Benin's Church Window, St. Patrick
Kilbennan, Ireland
County Galway, Ireland by Andreas F. Borchert

Since the World Needs Blessing
Ay Be Blessin' Thee

Held by Ye Heavenly Mother
Are Ye
From the day you were born;
Not just for the road ahead
But Grace for the road behind;
In gratitude for Thy father and Mother
That bore ye whether
Mornin' or night;
And what of luck, me darlin',
if not the Grace you
live out under God
In the Trinity Three in
 Thy daily walk,
Not ever proud 
But as quiet an' purposeful as the birds
Soaring above the sea wall,
Making no fuss
Of their flight or wings;
But prayin' as ye go;
and livin' that prayer:
Blessing as you meet
All Irish children 
And those that aren't:
Ye are blessed, Ye
are worthy 
of Abundant Grace!
Look at your face
in the glass;
Put a smile on God's 
Eternal Blessing 
for all of ye days!

By Connie Nelson Ahlberg
March 16, 2013

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  1. This photo has been taken in Kilbennan, not Kilbrennan. The village has been named after Saint Benin (or Bennan or Benignus): Kilbennan = Bennan's Church. He was a pupil of Saint Patrick and Kilbennan became an important early Christian site. A round tower and the medieval ruins of a church are still standing close to the church from where this stained glass window of Saint Patrick was photographed.