Monday, February 25, 2013

Like Driftwood Left

Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel with Tobias

Like Driftwood Left

Dear Once-hurting Angel,
You must have wondered 
as your spirit ascended above
your body in death

Why, I'm being left,
left slumped over in a car
towed to an impound lot;
or lying in a wood
no one hoped you'd find;
Or bundled in a trunk; or flushed
out to sea with no trace;

Even my bones
are not together
you say;

I'm being left
strangled and mutilated;
How strange to die
Like things, left discarded
like driftwood; 
like driftwood no angels
seemed to bless;

Holy Girls, Youngest of Women, 
who never dreamed they'd 
 lose their life with someone they knew, and 
be discarded like last-weeks garbage,
Or simply spend time in a park
with the wrong boy;

And how did you die, Angel? 
A chorus of words calls back:
Mutilated, stabbed, or shot--
You spoke with a clear voice;

If angels weren't there
in your hidden seclusion; if you felt them not:
I'm praying them where you laid;
Praying them
Where you rose &
Where you lived and played;

You were made for joy
and prayers,
not control and violation
a male thought was
your due or because he 
was in the mood;

You've left us numb,
Left us hallow:
murder after murder
so quickly forgotten
because inside--we're horrified;
But something has happened
to us now - all the remaining
We feel, too--
Left like Driftwood
on the beaches of the world.

by Connie Nelson Ahlberg

It's been a struggle to 
even keep up with the 
violence against women
in the Twin Cities and

Anna Hurd 
Brittney Clardy
Kira Trevino

Zahra Baker's 
Skull was found in NC,
a young girl;
they're all young girls.

I had to write
to them and
about them:
Darlings all.

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