Sunday, August 23, 2015

When Hillary was Hurting--A Prayer

"CircaetusGallicus" by Juan lacruz - Own work. 
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

A Prayer for Strength
and Healing

When Bill and hence, Hillary, were pilloried during their worst times in the White House, my heart went out to their suffering. My concern went to not only the President and his dreams but also to Hillary and Chelsea for what they were forced to endure. I wrote a prayer called: 

For Hillary and Chelsea
A Prayer for Strength 
             and Healing

May all the heavens
Above thee kneeling,
Give you Grace
Through Peace
And Healing:
May all kind hearts
In supportive love
Lighten your shoulders &
Strengthen--Your Resolve.

All Rights Reserved. 
Connie Nelson Ahlberg

In recent days, my prayer, never received, came to mind. 
It's time I shared it. 

Something pure must clear the air, something said in earnest to take a campaign beyond where it is today. I believe Washington Post opinion writer, Eugene Robinson, is right: Hillary needs to clear her path with an apology. I understand the rationale but time to rise out of an eagle.

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