Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Slippery Slope of Seeking Approval

  1.              Lupines overlooking Raspberry Island in Alaska

    the action of officially agreeing to something or accepting something as
    satisfactory. "the road plans have been given approval"

    acceptance, agreement, consent, assent, permission, leave, sanction,
    endorsement, ratification, authorization, validation, support, backing,
    go-ahead, the green light, the nod, the rubber stamp, the OK, the say-so,
    the thumbs-up, "their proposals went to the board for approval."

    Native American writer and spiritual shaman, Lynn Andrews, has published many luminary works. One of them offers a different offering, Andrew's Power Deck the Cards of Wisdom. The cards present Native American wisdom for balance and centering.

    Recently I happened to pull out her power deck and book cards, shuffled them. My mindset is generally: What wisdom can I learn?

    I was quite stunned--as it is often the case, energy can be magical at times. This was one of those times.

    On one of her Power cards, she wrote: when the master climbs a summit,
    he doesn't seek approval from the heavens as approval implies doubt.

    I find those words vastly powerful because some of us can be swept along, against our own autonomy, on a ride of approval. Then we have already lost ground. We have lost our sense of equality as we inwardly ask: what do you think? Do I have your support with the implication the other's opinion is vastly superior to one's own. 

    Approval is a jail in a very small town. The only view that can be seen--are those whose opinions one wants to please. The keys are an increase in self esteem, an honoring of oneself, and the letting go of everyone else.

    Seeking approval takes you out of your own integrity and knowing: the latter being too precious to abandon in a search for validation. 

    Spiritual Warriors: Thumbs up--on yourself.

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