Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Blond Son Reveals His Heart

A Tribute to My Grandson

Die Sohne des Kunstlers
by Christian Leberecht Vogel

A Blond Son Reveals His Heart
(And Where It Came From)

They sat at the table 
Only those two:
Mommy & son's sharing
A breakfast view;

Then Mommy asked
What are you doing, Child? 
He smiled sweetly & from his heart:
Mama, I'm making a gentle smile;

A gentle smile? - 
She giggled and grinned;
Where did it come from
This smile from within?

No surprise each Guardian Angel knows
Loving parents are the roots of 
Where each smile grows; hugs & lovies
Strawberries & oatmeal; 

Is but a part of parents
Who know how you feel;
God Bless Mamas who 
Comfort after each fall;

And Daddies who promise
You're going to grow TALL;
Thank you, Mama & Daddy, 
For loving ME--your own--
Little HAMMY!

Honoring my two year-old
Grandson named Andrew
(Nicknamed Hammy)

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