Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvest Moons

A Harvest Moon

We are, we become a harvest moon reflecting God's Light. We never leave this Divine Light.

We may think we do, feel lost, or seemingly create our own spin.
But we are actually held fast.

Our light is Creator Light, our shine, brilliance, and luminosity reflects our evolution over time. We are going somewhere. We are beings of Light.

We are abashed at our irregularities, our rough surfaces. But we are a moon and moons aren't smooth, yet shimmer in the night.

What are we harvesting? We're gathering our greatness, our good works, our sacrifices, the joys, too, of our existence in life. We are whole, we are peace.

I see your light, and it is only yours...yours and God's in an endless
dance of reflection, a dance of honor in the night sky.

We are here to grow our harvest with the talents we possess. I see you. I see beauty. I see God's harvest in all of us. With renewed hope: let us shine.

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