Friday, February 13, 2015

Prayer of the Soulmate

St. Guenole
Chapel at Prigny (Loire-Atlantique)
Single girls place a needle into the foot of the Saint
So they may find their soulmate.

True friendship is a road to God;
And, yes, Lord, I am Your soulmate
Inseparable from You
On all the paths to my friends;

Yet some, Lord, take me to a higher road
Where each nuance, laugh, and lift of the head
Towards the heavens is hardly spoken
The silence not broken yet everything understood.

My road has breathless curves on all sides;
Views unseen before
I traveled with You.

We laugh bent over
And know it is Good.

The road on which we never stood
Becomes a precious place! Joy in the moment!
That human face more intricate than treasured lace,
This road to my friend
Which ends in You.


Written about a best friend many years ago. 

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