Monday, June 10, 2013

Not An Ending, but a Continuance

Ascension of Christ

I've been absent from my blog as a beloved family member has been very ill. Now she has flown up. I say flown up vs died as I think it more aptly describes what happens to such a wondrous spirit.

In one of my books a nephew who happens to be a physician, sits at his aunt's bedside as her life comes to an end. He sees a form rise from the bed and lengthen into an elongated shape. Then the shape shifts again into an upright or sitting position. He can make out a the face of his aunt. She is smiling. Her face is Luminous.

I love stories like that. After sitting by an aunt's bedside before she died/flew up, I asked a nurse if she had ever seen a shape rise from the bed. She said no, but I know nurses who have.

My favorite, or one of my favorite, other stories of after-death communication is about a man with Alzheimer's who is in a near-vegetative state. Fifteen years had passed since his children last heard his voice. The man and his two sons are watching a football game. Their father is seated in a chair where his sons can watch him. 

The mother of of the boys bids them good-bye; she is off to the grocery store. They know what to do to take care of their dad.

Suddenly they see their father - looking very ashen, topple out of his chair and onto the floor. The eldest brother says: Quick, call 911, to his younger brother.

Then a voice they hadn't heard in 15 years says: No son, don't call 911. I'll be okay. Tell your mother I love her. 

The youngest son ends up pursuing a medical career as a heart specialist. He said there was nothing in a scan of his father's brain that would give credence to the fact that this man still possessed the cognitive abilities to speak at the time of his death. 

To me this isn't the "typical" (indeed if there are typical) movements or speech a dying person may utter or perform a bit beyond their current capabilities. This goes beyond a burst of energy before a life "ends." Some will call it bias, but I feel the father's soul spoke in a consciousness beyond the brain. 

If there is no logical medical explanation, what did happen? I feel his soul spoke.

When my mother died suddenly in 1995 I confess I wondered: Where did she go--her precious life essence? Did she get where she was going? And, how will I know? Then five years later, in the wee hours of the morning while I was between sleep and wakefulness, I heard my mother's voice telepathically. She called me by a nickname only she used. 

The date was May 10th, her birthday, five years after she died. I called my dad and said with tears: It's happened! I heard mother's voice! When it happened, my body went into an instant near-electrical charge of awareness.

And, no, I wasn't engulfed in grief over my mother at the time. A long time after that, I stumbled upon a speech I gave to a grief group in the winter of the same year before I heard my mother's voice. I had written--my mother hasn't gone this long without calling me. I remembered saying it, with the words in front of me on the page as a reminder.

I smiled, enjoying the whole spiritual if my mother had "called" to prove me wrong!

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