Saturday, May 18, 2013

With a Dieting Pledge

My Pledge

Being of sound mind within a body fat
I solemnly declare
to avoid the following foods, I swear:
Butter, gravy, and all sauces;
sugar in any form won't be my bosses;
apple pie topped with ice cream--
from now on
I'm aiming toward lean;
Chips and munchies 
and words like, "more--"
will be obliterated
from my kitchen store;
chocolate cookies,
including the batter,
is only going to make me fatter!
Health will be my final diet:
(I'll chew my carrots
and break the quiet;)
I can get through 
Monday just you wait and see;
there's going to be
a brand new me!

Written by 
Connie Nelson Ahlberg
 Too Long Ago!

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