Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I Wouldn't Give!

 My Radiant Daughter 
Name Withheld by Request

A Tribute to Daughters and Granddaughters

What I wouldn't give, Radiant Daughter,
Gifts for all of your days:
The purest air;
Warmest shelter holding
Unconditional love;
Housing a treasure chest so full:
Brilliant teachers
Cherished family and friends
Safety and health
Holding a bucket of dreams, 
Your own chosen achievements-- 
Those Lived-in heart's longing,
Embellished by Faith and 
Grace which crowns your head
And envelops your being;
Yes, held by Angels
All of your days--
All this is in my hands
To you like offerings 
And prayers,
Living in my kisses 
For your cheeks
And my love
That surrounds you 

Written by Connie Nelson Ahlberg
Inspired by the wonder of this face
And the littlest angels in Connecticut
Along with the women, Saints All,
Who protected them.
December 18, 2012

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