Monday, June 4, 2012

As If God Prepared You

                  As If God Prepared You
                              A Tribute to a Young Father

As If God prepared you--
You seem to know
How to hold a baby
Until he's grown;

Our little son has such a sold tree
That barely sways with any breeze!
Stable, calm,
A favorite lap to climb on;

A mother catches secret scenes:
Baby kisses; a father's dreams;
Enduring sweetness for a boy to hold
And give his son when he is old;

A devoted father is a blessing
Way before baby's begun;
Giving the greatest gift to his wife:
The love that grew a son;

 A happy little boy
 Never mysteriously grows,
 And as if God prepared you--
 Darling, You Seem to Know.

 1998 Connie Nelson Ahlberg
  All Rights Reserved.

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