Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Unconditional Love We Receive

Calm Morning on Rainy Lake by Gary Alan Nelson

It’s the unconditional love we receive
which is our grounding, even when

we believe it leaves;

Far different the counterfeit: with fits and starts, 

impure motives,
or confused heart;

Freedom, our own evolution, is our journey

to protect our authenticity;

We need the purist water, a steady stroke,
the soul of waters' ripples as if God Himself spoke;

Compassion, our lake or ocean, is self acceptance

in the open; then, arms & affirmation to love our very self - 
Unconditional love is within ourselves;

The Divine, the Divine, shines, shines
in Light, in Light, as
Christ or Buddha Consciousness, like a prayer,
evolves inside;

Unconditional love, I believe, nestles, 

supports our body and never leaves. 

Connie Nelson Ahlberg
All Rights Reserved.

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