Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Basher

 La Penitente
By Pietro Rotari

On a precise day in time several months ago, I was startled to find I had been added to a list on Twitter, a list not to my liking.

The List: Trump Basher

As Pema Chodron has written, whatever your next lesson: it's going to pop right up.

And so it did. I'm stressed just revealing this to the world. Would it help to say I've prayed for 45POTUS twice? Or, I have never been profane in my Tweets? There is room for improvement--obviously.

When I come home to my core beliefs, I am grounded in Christ Consciousness.
At the same time, I can lose ground with all the wars, conflicts, terrorist attacks, reveals from whistle blowers, and certainly my candidate losing in the last election.

I was never able to be an advocate for Donald Trump in the primaries due to how he chose to run for the Presidency. It took my beliefs and turned them on it's head.

I feel we are here to honor each other vs berate, shame, or bully. Indeed, in seeking to help the planet earth evolve, it is only the former which I believe will get us there.

I confess if I was back at St. Richard's Parish in Richfield, Minnesota, I can envision waiting in line for the light to go off outside the confessional and a penitent pushing through the curtain, showing I could confess next.

Today while shopped with a dear friend, I apologized for being in someone's way. It was actually  a pre-apology as no violation had transpired. I said to the shopper: Catholics like to apologize BEFORE the sin as been committed!

As my old and now deceased priest revealed in a station wagon on a basketball game day: Hell isn't going to be any better because your friends are there. Wow.

Those are statements that burn through your brain - and called forward at will 57 years later.

It turns out: I believe in social justice, the Beatitudes, and honoring all. So it is quite a quandary for me. Do I remain silent and pray only? Or do I over-Tweet as I'm now doing as a daughter raised on the news?

I do know this: even if, boy, this IS a HUGE even if--Even if Hillary Clinton had won the last election, we have massive problems to solve, many of which are being kept secret and revealed only through whistle blowers. Some of these truth tellers have been killed because they spoke out.

These issues are beyond party affiliation. They are about our survival. Good vs Evil.

As I pray, I hope someday--I am taken off the Trump Basher List. I care about us all. My apologies to you.

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