Friday, August 9, 2013

Taught by Nature

Four Loons Webb Lake, Weld, Maine

Taught by Nature

Kissed by the Divine Ones are they
Who need not be taught
That a mother is rich when
She carries a child,
As the loon and babe who
Both rides and glides on her back;
Sacred even before its first cry
Or sound; cherished thereafter;
Never judged by its hue--or backdrop,
Like all the birds which gather
In the spring under a soft sunrise
That nearly makes you weep;
Or the vast night sky in the country
When you have left all the lights behind;
Of the moon whether slivered or whole;
Character has every color,
Eyes that gaze a soul,
Integrity--many feet;
So I, merely one, shall not judge thee
Until many moons after--
We meet.

© 1997 Connie Nelson Ahlberg

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