Sunday, July 7, 2013

Song of the Gardener

Helianthus Flower
Bannerghatta, Bangalore
by L. Shyamal

Song of the Gardener

I am your humble gardener;
Lord, you are the Greenhouse! My Divine Thumb!

I am fern with fronds misted with occasional tears
meant for my growth;

And then, Lord, a weed who has survived a drought
and doubled in size!

I am a flowering plant taking rests in order
to bloom again!

And, Lord, when I do, my open petals are, yes,
exquisite rich velvet, growing deep, yet delicate;

Admired by all, Lord! Take me, in my blooming
and resting; in my tears, and in my testing,
in my growth, and my surviving...I am Yours.

©1995 Connie Nelson Ahlberg

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